With a background in graphic design and architecture Sue’s printmaking is influenced by both disciplines. Her work explores: the graphic flat colour achieved from the relief process; the depth and surface texture of intaglio; the counterpoint between flat, crisp colour and random surface granulation; the complexity and simplicity of geometry; and the visual playfulness of pattern and repetition.

She is also fascinated by the process of blind embossing which creates ethereal and enigmatic surface textures. Recently she has been experimenting with cutting and folding the embossed surface to create an additional layer of texture and three dimensionality … captivated by the resulting, constantly changing shadows that play across the surface.

In addition she has started to explore the effects ‘component elements’, using repetition to construct a larger, dynamic image array. For instance the collagraph ‘four crowns’ comprises one plate repeated five times, creating a bold radiating pattern with interconnected surface tessellation.